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question. of them on the bottom of the screen. reaction whenve goingent obama referenced the tax rate under president clinton. romney received kudos after saying america will never budget if the cup -- not stopuntry does recklessly. boater said president obama was bidding we talked about his grandmother and social security tonight. there were equal responses on this evening. it is important for us to stress that our smartphone alling is certainly not scientific poll. you who all of participated. nightline will have a complete debate wrap up at 1135. -- 11:35. >> tonight, police have issued after a teenager vanishes. seen monday morning. car inves found his city at a park. is live at the agh school where he is student. on the the latest search. last place anyone spoke to brian. he is a senior here. his dad said he left his cell morning,home on monday is out of thethat ordinary. something that is a concern, he cash on him and his not been used since sunday. >> somebody out there know something. >> an urgent plea for some in rick -- with a family plea a desperate family member. >> he needs to
governor romney's proposals to reduce the corporate rate, which by the way, president obama wants to reduce the corporate rate too. and adding to it rhetoric from the campaign about reducing the middle income tax burden. the reality is this $5 trillion number is not a specific plan by romney. it's cobbling a number of things together and including things obama and romney both agree on. >> but it is a number, a plan he has talked about. unfortunately, we are out of time, congressman. thank you so much. >> president obama claims $3 trillion of that number himself, so does president obama have a $3 trillion plan to cut taxes? he doesn't want to go around talking about it a whole lot. >> former congressman arch davis, thank you so much. >>> federal authorities have launched a criminal probe into a company hired by republicans. after looking at dozens of suspicious forms there's enough evidence indicating a crime may have been committed. the republican national committee fired strategic allied consulting last week after several counties reported questionable forms across southern florida. ♪ th
that his big bold idea is it never mind and to the fact is that if you are lowering their rates... >> >> obama care is on my list i apologize mr. president i use that term with all respect. i'm going to stop this subsidy to pbs i actually like youtube but i'm not going to keep on spending money on things to bar money from china to pay for it. >> we do have more debate coverage coming up later we are hearing for straight from the voters and an analysis from political analyst paul lisneck is coming up in the newscast. and toxic chemicals found in 70 percent of child products. an alleged murderer from mexico is on the loose in chicago what you can do to bring him to justice. >> i know that he is anxious to come back, he has worked very much to continue to search. >> sandy jackson talks about her husband's political future and a touch of summerlike weather tomorrow for a while, it will be gone fast. you know, i was once used for small jobs. yeah, and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but now that mr. clean's got this new select-a-size magic eraser i mean, he can
and numbers as this race changed how you see this -- did this debate change how easy this rates going? >> we had a obama as a pretty heavy favorite before, about 85%. i assume if there were bookies to set odds, they also had taught at 80% before the debate and cut them immediately to where there are 75%. my guess is that is a reasonable adjustment. but some debates or the instant reaction was one way -- >> we saw that last night on social media. >> i got home 10 or 15 minutes late and i missed the first moments of the debate, but you could tell how it had been decided that obama was not doing well and i don't think he did well. i'm not trying to make a country it. , but these things can blow up in a hurry but it also burned out and everywhere people are ready to go on to the next story. >> the first debate decided by twitter, a record thank you. some other news from around the world. a landslide in china as a primary school, carrying 18 people and killing nine. the government has located a hundred residents from the village where a glance at happens. rescuers are still working to free those
watched the first presidential debate between president obama and mitt romney. ratings were higher than the first debate in the 2008 election when fifty-two million viewers tuned in. fox news won the night among all tv networks tracking ten million people. the national hockey league is canceling two week of its regular season. this came as the nhl players association failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement. red box is selling tickets for a live events at its kiosk, a $1 service charge will be added to each purchase. facebook topping 1 billion users per month:mark zuckerberg made the announcement for his facebook status, and that is today's speed read. what really caused the financial crisis? john allison, former ceo of bbn 3 with an explosive charge. don't want to miss john allison who is coming straight up. we are heading back to cleveland where this claim in talking to one company took a real gamble. nicole: gamble. it is the casino and the blink of a business i. it is one of cleveland's biggest employers. the general manager and senior vp of horse shoe casinos. we are comin
have rated obama's ads with four pinocchios. the way to do this is to say look at governor romney. smile, be gracious. don't look down and take notes while a man is talking to you. it's as simple as admitting he had a bad night. but on policy and substance i'm still voting for him. i know she doesn't believe she was saying as she was saying it. she was reading talking points and that doesn't help our cause of electing barack obama. martha: lanny, what would you say -- what do you think happened last night? why do you think he was staring at his notes and looked unhappy and miserable by some observers. >> part of it is habit you'll. he had the ta -- he has the habn stead of look at a person he looks down and takes note. you can break somebody of that habit. get rid of the notes. you are not studying for an exam. he's a nice guy. it's his greatest asset. people like him. last night they didn't. and that is the key. and again i say the obama campaign rather than putting spin out should say, look, our guy had a bad night but he's right on policies and everyone would say okay, that hon
rate romney's performance as stellar and obama's as lacking. two strikes for obama after his luke warm talk. peter from ireland says george bush was the problem, not obama. let us know what you think. join in the conversation right here on "worldwide exchange." we'll get to some of your comments a little bit later in the show. time for a quick break. still to come, we'll bring in a democratic and republican strategist to grade the performance of president obama and mitt romney. >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." these are your headlines from around the world. an aggressive mitt romney comes out swinging in his first debate with president obama. the two men sparring over how to fix the u.s. economy. waiting on spain, the ecb expected to hold steady on rates as central bankers meet today. country's president tells cnbc that europe's policymakers must remain focused. and madrid sees solid demand and yields coming down as the finance minister heads to london to raise funds for the country's bad banks. if you're just tuning in, thanks very much for coming along. ross will be back tomorrow
and relative unemployment rates. dwight eisenhower, 4.1%, richard nixon, 5.6%. ron aeld reagan, 7.5%. and bill clinton, 5.1%. second george bush, 5.4%. and then look at barack obama down here. 8.1%. a whopping number for any president to carry into a re-election campaign. barack obama made history when he got elected the first time. if he gets re-elected, that will also be historic, because no president has done it since franklin roosevelt in the fading days of the great depression. >> a new jobs report coming out friday morning for the month of september. we'll see what those numbers are, what impact it winds up having. anderson, back to you. >> thank you, wolf. and the hologram, tom foreman. david, to your point, presidents in the past who had a bad first debate performance came back strong, how do they retool? do they practice more? >> the most famous case, president reagan in 1984, lost the first debate, people thought he was senile, that he didn't care, he came back. nobody is more competitive than president obama. he will be back in the room, saying, guys, we're not doing this again. >>
down by 20% as well, all rates come down. >> president obama was just as surprised. >> well, for 18 months he's been running on this tax plan. and now, five weeks before the election, he's saying that his big, bold idea is never mind. >> but the etch a sketching did not stop there. governor romney who once believed financial regulation was hurting the economy -- >> dodd frank it's called, has not helped enterprise get going, it's slowed it down. >> now seems to be a supporter of wall street regulation. >> want to repeal dodd/frank? >> and replace it. we're not going to get rid of regulation. some parts of dodd/frank that make all of the sense in the world. >> and back in june, romney mocked the president's crazy ideas about needing more teachers for the nation's classrooms. >> he says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. did he not get the mess naj wisconsin? the american people did. >> last night romney became a crusader for -- wait for it -- teachers. >> i love great schools. massachusetts, our schools are ranged number one of all 50 states. and the key to great sc
delivery, the complete antithesis of barack obama. he brought down the unemployment rate and did good things for the company. he doesn't usher in a phony recover. the comparison was absurd. stuart: reagan you ladies don't remember him. and i do. president obama is not reagan. >> maybe they meant something different. maybe they meant ronald reagan was an actor and president obama is the democratic actor. stuart: that's a stretch. a day after the debate i've been saying on our program this morning, i think that romney won hands down, flat out. and the liberal media has largely gone along with that. romney won. am i going overboard. >> you agree, i agree, the twitter verse agrees. he came out and nailed it. the first time we've seen mitt romney come out on offense, and barack obama played defense. and he was very, very crisp shall the entire time. he started with a great story, he came out and he connected with the people, and he laid out five point plans and hit small businesses right there up front and from that point on. and a lot of our viewers in california just waking up. barely se
the latino vote. neil: florida itself? >> florida itself shows it's a 1-point rate, a tie, and president obama won florida last time by four points. that means there's people in florida that voted for him the last time that are not going to vote for him now. that's a trend. i think that's a good trend for us. neil: senator rubio, thank you very much, very much. >> good so see you. neil: you have throngs following you, they are my fans, but, no, that was not the case. peter barnes is out there in -- i don't know if you're in the spin room formally or the alley. where are you, peter? >> in the spin alley, neil, but it's one gigantic spin room right now, all in the same big room here in the media center, and listen, most of the blue signs for the president's team are gone already. off the floor. i just see one over here. we still have republican spinners and surrogates here. former new york mayor behind me, and behind him, senator portman of ohio. interestingly, 15 romney spinners and four or five from the obama campaign. i asked why. i asked an obama senior person, official, why do you onl
obama, his president right saying mitt romney's numbers do not add up? >> no, he was not right. what romney is proposing is lowering tax rates, getting people back to work to generate tax revenues. he never said that taxes on the rich would make up for the deficit. president obama kept saying that. obviously he did not get how that works. tracy: listen to the sound bite from last night, mitt romney talking about the off shoring of businesses and tax businesses. >> to get a deduction for taking a plant overseas? i have been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. i maybe need to get a new accountant, but the idea you get a break for sending jobs overseas is simply not the case. tracy: christian, was governor romney right on that point? >> no, he was actually wrong. earnings that do not subject to income tax money that is held offshore in effect incentivizing companies to have offshore jobs and keep the money outside the united states. i don't know where the governor was confused, but actually that is something that is a part of the tax code, he is wrong about
these low tax rates and we know wealthy people pay a lower tax rate. president obama proposes raising the income tax rates when president clinton was president and has a sphere if you raise taxes then they really w'ting investing it in the economy. >> what mitt romney is saying once he becomes president and people know their taxes will be cut people will become so excited they will start hiring, willy-nilly? >> that is kind of the argument. that is kind of the argument and a lot of people really believe that. in canada where i'm from, they have done that, lowered corporate taxes and did seem to be a business bump as a result but it's psychological and hard to know. are companies saying lower my taxes and i'll hire people or i'll give it out as dividends and keep more cash? we just don't know. >> ali velshi, thanks so much. >>> tons of complicated math. no wonder people are describing last night's showdown as wonkish. here is how it's being viewed. tv viewers needed research teams on the couch. over 90 minutes, barack obama may have won the gravitas battle. obama was restained to the p
.mitt permanent.baaack obama would llt ttem expire. rooneyycalls for an across- the- board cut in marginnl tax rate to 25 percent...and eliminating the estate tax, as wwll as other taxes on capittl gains of 200 thousand dollars or less. what he calls the 'buffee a minimum 30 percent tax rates. university of balttmooe professor teven isberg says he wanted to hearrmore on how specifically governno romnnyy would raise neeeed revenues. steven isberg, university of baltimore: 9.47 "at the enn of the day, ttere's not a whole lot of differencessbetween one and another."steven isberg, university of baltimore: 10.22 "i'd really like to see the calculation as to how both of those gentlemen are getting to that number, and i haven't seen thattyet." (laughttr) past that, the ww sparred over what president obama calls romney's "five trillion dollar tax cut."mister obama said ttat wwuld either raase &t wealthy.the tax policy ceeter claims that 5 trillion dollars... would be over the next decade.romney has claimee that money is made up for in cuts ii deddctions to broaden the ttx base.paul gessler, ffx455ne
viewers watched last night's debate than the first presidential debate in 2008, nielsen ratings now show 67.2 million total viewers tuned in last night. only 52.4 million watched then senator barack obama's showdown in 2008 with senator john mccain. ratings from last night also show that fox news channel's coverage dominated the cable news networks. well, new signs of a steady jobs market getting a nice boost to your 401(k) today. the labor department reports some 367,000 americans filed first time jobless claims last week that's up from the previous seven days. it's less of a spike than many first alert forecasters had predicted. and traders seemed to welcome that news. the dow soaring 8 will 1 points to close above 13500. the nasdaq gaining 14. the s&p up 10. gerri willis from the fox business network is live in our new york city newsroom. gerri, so what are analysts saying about today's jobs snubs? >> look, the claims have stabilized from july. analysts when they look at these numbers they say this isn't impressive given what we should be having for economic growth. tomorrow, of cours
>> this is what president obama said the jobless rate would be if we didn't pass the stimulus. but this is what the jobless rate actually is. 8.1%. the difference, about 3.7 million jobs. obama's spending drops $5000 deeper in debt and now we have fewer jobs than when he started. what obama promised versus what he delivered. >> what this ad does is it holds the president to account for a very big promise he made. when they were selling the stimulus, your talk about how bad the economy is today, the president had a plan to fix it. they spent $800 billion of all kinds of different things to try to fix the economy. they spend money. what we got was debt. we found that when you talk about in those terms, here's what the president sold to the american people. these are the results. not only did not create the jobs he promised, it created a lot of debt we have to pay off. that's kind of our messaging. we try to hold elected officials to account for the record and also for the promises they have made. that's why a lot of incumbents don't like super pacs. >> we have an important note.
already. normally you would argue that an unemployment rate this high in an economy growing this weakly would be very bad news for an incumbent president. it's somewhat vicing then that president obama has maintained the slight edge in the polls given how weak the economy is, but certainly weak growth, high unemployment are not good for anyone in elected office and are are not good for anyone looking for a job either. >> susie: you know, tonight obviously in the debate president obama and governor romney will be talking about the job market do. you expect them to give any kind of plan to jolt the labor market and to get that unemployment rate down drastically? >> i think both candidates are likely to be somewhat vague in their discussion of proposals to great jobs. if i were asking the question, i think the one that i with like to hear answered most would be, what are you going to do about the approaching fiscal cliff if we go over the fiscal cliff, if we plunge over the highest bluff along the fiscal cliff, it's very likely the economy will fall into recession and the unemployment rate
to know that's not a good trade. >> reporter: president obama comes back and says i didn't cut the 716 billion. i cut rates. is this a good or a bad thing? we're still trying to figure it out. >> this one has kicked around. there is two things worth noting. one, there is a $716 billion reduction in payments to providers under medicare. to providers. not, in theory, to beneficiaries. the argument is where are they going to cut it? but the funny thing about it is that's the same number in paul ryan's budget. he also endorsed the same cuts in his budget. they're not cuts then, but they're cuts now. so, yes, there is a $716 billion reduction to medicare providers. >> reporter: mitt romney went on to say that a lot of providers had decided to stop taking medicare. have you checked that? >> i have not been able to get into that detail yet because i'm still trying to figure out exactly when this applies and how many people actually it applies to. but we are digging into that and we'll see if we can get further into it tonight. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much. >> great to be with you
gold prices above $2,000 an ounce this year is if president obama is re-elected. the thinking-- the president will keep bernanke employed, which means interest rates stay very, very low. suzanne pratt, nbr, new york. >> tom: stocks moved higher ahead of tomorrow's report on the september job market. the s&p 500 really gained moment just after 10:00 a.m. eastern time after the commerce department released its report on september factory orders. while total orders were down, it wasn't as bad as feared. the index finished higher by seven tenths of a percent. trading volume held steady on the big board-- 672 million shares. it was just under 1.6 billion on the nasdaq. financials and materials were two strongest stock sectors, up 1.5% and 1.3%, respectively. the energy sector recovered some of what it had lost earlier this week, rebounding 1%. bank of america and j.p. morgan were among those financial stocks fueling the gains and helping move the dow jones industrial average to its best gain in three weeks. bank of america gained 3.3% on heavy volume. this is b-of-a's highest price
the corp rate rate from 35% to 25%. >> clearly at that stage mr. obama should have turned to him and said you are not telling the american people the truth. just as he did today in denver when he said he wasn't telling the truth. he should have looked him in the eye and said mitt romney, you are not telling the american people the truth. and then proceed to walk through as clinton would have done the mathematics to prove it. i don't think romney would have been smart enough to figure out how to get out of that hit, but obama ignored that opportunity and i think that's a mistake. joan, you're correct. he will everywhere he goes, he will save the day and correct what he didn't do last night, but 58 million people will not be able to be contacted in time for him to make that correction. >> well, joan, last night romney made another surprising state on his health care plan this time. let's take a look at the latest variation on a theme which is i'm not as bad as i am. let's watch it. >> let's get the governor explain what you would do it obama care is repealed. how would you replace it? >> ac
obama in the polls. it remains to be seen whether his debate performance will change the presidential race. >> the european central bank is keeping interest rates at an historic low of 0.75%, resisting pressure for cuts to boost the ailing eurozone economy. the ecb president, mario draghi, said the bank is ready to help buy eurozone bonds to help troubled eurozone member countries. how did the markets react to the latest developments? our correspondent sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> inflation has spiked. it is a surprising development. one that has probably prevented the ecb from lowering rates in the eurozone in this month of october. what is more, mario draghi, the president of the ecb, does not expect inflation to come down significantly until next year. still, though the economy is in recession, perhaps rate cut are still a possibility in the eurozone. nonetheless, the situation irritated the markets. the stock market was not able to do much. it did strengthen the euro. that really went up, probably not least because of the statement also by mario draghi
of a 20% cut in tax rates, a new plan to cover people with pre-existing conditions and higher defense spending and he will accomplish it all by eliminating federal funding for pbs. the question is can obama and his team win the post-debate debate by highlighting some of this nonsense and romney's fuzzy language? willy brown is the former mayor of san francisco, former speaker of the house out there. joan walsh is editor-at-large for salon and the author of "what's the matter with white people." i want to get to these points. can you win on the facts having lost perhaps on performance value? >> it's very, very difficult to get people in the world observing politicians to ever come to the substance. they always go for style. they always are influenced by performances, and i believe mr. obama took a licking last night. the public knows that and now to suggest that the facts support what his position is supposed to be i don't think carries. >> you know, i got to ask you a personal question about the president. you know, i do look up to him in so many ways. when i'm with him i say to mysel
plan, the ryan plan, cuts the highest tax rate by another 10 points from 35% to 25% on those making over -- a million $250,000 a year, i guess it is. romney made these assertions and obama never challenged them at all. >> right. romney tried to recast that whole taxation argument by arguing yes i agree that i cut the taxes on the highest earners but i don't reduce the overall share of tax burden. now that is from obama's perspective, certainly a dubious assertion at best and yet there was no real underlying or emphasizing of the fact that obama blatantly -- >> bill: here's the question. let's end with this one. do you think it changes last night's -- last night's debate changed the course of this campaign? >> i think that it puts governor romney in a much more competitive position. i'm not sure it will be a determinative of the election but it revitalizes republican hopes. i would expect to see some closing in the polls where romney has been lagging. it changes in that respect. >> bill: they got a new burst o
and running from obama. remember, that the aarp benefited from waivers during the obamacare debauchle and also afterwards, of course, had to admit to their own membership that their insurance rates were rising as a result of adopting this thing that they had championed. >> steve: something you championed because you're the proprietor of, you look at all the tweet, the biggest tweet night in the whole world's history, here is something that bill maher tweeted. i can't believe i'm saying this, but obama looks like he does need a teleprompter. it was pretty clear pretty early thanks to things like twitter that the left turned on the president. they thought he didn't bring his a game. he was lucky if he brought a c game. >> yeah. that's exactly right. the holly weird set which has invested so much, both emotionally and in bill maher's case financially as the number one donor of the dirty super pac that had lied and lied and lied about romney not very happy. not giving him an a at all in that debate. >> brian: i don't care what bill maher says every day, including today. >> gretchen: it
. this is a spot that we launched today in eight states, $12 million. pacs,>> this is what president obama's said the jobless rate would be if we passed the stimulus, 5.6%, but this is where the jobless rate actually is, 8.1%. the difference? about 3.7 million jobs. drove us $5ding trillion deeper into debt, and now we have fewer jobs than when he started. but obama promised -- what obama promised, compared to what he delivered. >> this holds the president account to a big promise that he made. remember talking about the stimulus. the president had a plan to fix it. $800 billion on all kinds of different things to fix the economy. they spent the money and the johnson not fall but we got that. we found from our research, when you talk about it in that terms, here is what the president sold to the american people on the economy. not only did not create the jobs, it created a lot of debt. spent a lot of money, not a lot of results. that is our messaging. we tried to hold elected officials to their record and also for the promises they have made. that is why a lot of politicians do not like super pac
they feel like they are winning the election and the polls are still holding today, gallop has today obama at his highest approval rating he's ever had. he's doing well in the battleground states and i think they made a decision not to engage. they didn't want to fight with romney, they didn't want him to lock like he was being mean or angry, and it was clear to me and to many people that that game plan had to change, because romney came out of the gate very strong, obama didn't really adjust his strategy and i think you saw today already you saw the clips we'll see a different obama going forward. he knows he didn't do a good job, they will be much more engaged and aggressive as they go forward. megyn: the obama we saw today did have the teleprompter back. and even his supporters are pointing out. bill mahr, bill mahr who loves the president and is not a righty. he said i hate to say this but i think he actually might need the teleprompter. >> look at obama today when there is no one to calm pair and contrast or challenge him on the facts he does does an incredible job -fpblt it's the sam
: president obama comes back and says i didn't cut the $716 billion. i just cut rates. is this a good or bad thing? >> this one has kicked around for a while. there are two things about it worth noting. one, there is a $716 billion reduction in payments to providers under medicare, to providers, not in nary to beneficial -- theory to beneficiaries. if you're cutting providers, where are you going to cut it? they'll stop providing benefits. that was the same number in paul ryan's budget. he also endorsed the same cuts in his budget. they're not cuts then but they're cuts now. so, yes, there is a $716 billion reduction in payments to medicare providers but democrats and republicans have to agree on it. >> mitt romney went on to say that a lot of providers had decided to stop taking medicare. have you fact checked that? >> i have not been able to get into that detail yet because i'm still trying to figure out exactly when this applied and how many people it actually applies to. >> it is a very difficult topic to analyze. you can take another look at "u.s.a. today"'s debate fact checking on our
on the campaign trail the president said he's got a good accountant obviously. only pays a 14% tax rate. well, why didn't he take advantage of that opportunity last night? i mean, wolf, there was no mention of the 47% number. that's something that the obama campaign has spent over $3 million advertising about over the last two weeks. no mention of that. no mention of bain capital. no mention of the tax returns. no mention of outsourcing. and so it seems to me that the president is going to have to look for opportunities, which by the way i think mitt romney handed him last night, but he just didn't seem to hear them. >> he wasn't either prepared or didn't want to get into that kind of debate. >> right. >> so what did romney do last night that we probably haven't seen before? >> well, i think he managed to do a couple of things really well. and i want to play this one bite for you then we can talk about it. >> i just don't know how the president could have come into office facing 23 million people out of work, rising unemployment, an economic crisis at the kitchen table and spend his energy and pas
's policy middle income americans have been buried, they are being crushed. jon: mr. obama with this argument. >> the fact is that if you are loring the rates you describe, governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burden evening the middle class, it's math, it's arithmetic. jon: today it's back to the campaign trail. mr. obama in denver, and then to wisconsin. governor romney is in virginia where the most recent "real clear politics" average shows president obama leading with 47% of the vote, governor romney with 44. virginia has 13 electoral votes up for grabs. that's where john roberts is right now, live in fisher'sville, virginia. what is the event going on there today, john. >> country music star trace atkins will be joining governor romney and his running nature at 6:45 on stage. president obama won this state by six in 2008. governor romney trailing in the polls currently hoping to use his debate performance to narrow the gap. it was the first time
appearance by romney since the debate in denver last night. obama had two -- one in denver at sloan lake park. the other was in madison, wisconsin. that was a big crowd there, too, the biggest of the obama campaign so far. the nielsen ratings agency says the audience last night for the debate was the biggest since 1992. 62.7 million tuned into the debate. if you did not get to see it, what we have done on our debate hub, we are looking at the candidates getting set for an interview with sean hannity. this will be on the hannity program on fox later. on the debate hub you can see the speech broken down into portions and clips from last night posing debate. the candidates are backstage. we will go back live to fishersville, virginia once the rally gets under way. we will have to live view here on c-span. [no audio] we will wait to take you back to fishersville, virginia with mitt romney and paul ryan. they are doing an interview. i want to show you some of the reaction from this morning's washington journal and from last night. >> we asked c-span viewers what they thought of the first president
at the overall question of real unemployment. can barack obama be reelected with the numbers he is facing? it's a tough, tough task. no question. look at the president been reelected since the 1950s and the unemployment rates at that time. dwight eisenhower. 4.1% and nixon 5.6 considered huge at that time. bill clinton, 5.1 and second gush 5.4 and barack obama whopping 8.1% unemployment. august numbers for all of these president before they were ree lebted. very difficult for any president to carry a weight like that into a re-election campaign when barack obama was elected the first time it was historic. if he is elected again it will also be historic because no president has been reelected with that kind of number since franklin roosevelt. the waning days of the great depression. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing t
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